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Awards in Landscape Architecture
Heritage Flume 16 ND.jpg

American Society of Landscape Architects - ASLA

2021 Ferrous Foundry Park - Honor Award in General Design

2019 Heritage Flume - Award of Excellence in General Design

2018 Pulaski Park - Honor Award in General Design

Society for College and University Planning - SCUP

2018 UMass Design Building - Merit Award

Boston Society of Landscape Architects - BSLA

2020 Old Farm - Merit Award

2020 Northeastern ISEC - Honor Award

2020 Ferrous Site Park - Merit Award

2019 Williams College - Merit Award

2019 Rockport Residence - Merit Award

2019 Boston College Historic Campus Core - Merit Award

2018 Pulaski Park - Honor Award

2018 UMass Design Building - Merit Award

2018 UMass Crotty Hall - Merit Award

Heritage Flume

American Society of Landscape Architects Award of Excellence 2019

A beautiful iconic art piece emerges from the preserved woodland.


I had the opportunity to photograph the site in the summer of 2017 after it had been implemented over 8 years ago. Two years after taking these shots, I lead a team at STIMSON to submit the entry to 2019 ASLA professional awards. I knew I needed to tell the story that I saw when I visited the Flume the first time. The project is modest. The photos highlight the story of landscape architecture is about creating art in the landscape while preserving its surrounding landscape elements. Before and After submission details.

Pulaski Park


American Society of Landscape Architects 2018

Boston Society of Landscape Architects 2018

A park for everyone.


This project holds dear to my heart. I worked as a designer from Design Development through Construction Document phases. There were countless hours of making changes and sleepless nights behind the scene. The moment I arrived on site a year after completion, I was in tears with the camera in my hands. I knew every detail of the project. I understood solar orientation and I knew exactly where I needed to be during the best lighting of the day. 


The site is now an iconic destination for many in Northampton, MA. The amount of people using, loving and protecting the park makes me feel accomplished as a designer and photographer. This is a beautiful memory that I am glad to have captured and I cannot wait to see the project grows over time.

Rockport Residence

Boston Society of Landscape Architects 2019

A modest garden with lush planting by the sea.


This is a garden that makes you feel at peace when you arrive home after a long day at work!