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Shelter In Place and Live Like a Local

Updated: May 21, 2020

Where did the time go? We have been staying in one place for 5 weeks. Time flies!

Map of Weeks 11-14

Homemade Food

The family in San Jose fed us with delicious food every single day. The family is so generous. They treat us as if we're family! We are forever grateful.

Mark's Birthday!

We celebrated Mark's birthday. He wanted a haircut and cumin lamb. It took us at least 1 hour to find a chinese restaurant that was still open during the lockdown. We ate outside - luckily no one told us to leave.

I gave Mark half a haircut. It got too cold and dark because we started late. Our clipper also ran out of battery. My hands were already in decent condition to hold the clipper. Although my bandages were covered in hair after. This was my third time cutting his hair. I completely forgot how to do it properly. Mark gave me homework - re-watch Youtube tutorial videos. Eventually, I finished his haircut a week afterward.

We also got free tiramisu from 99 Ranch with coupons!

We (mostly Mark) also drank a lot of bubble tea. Places we visited so far: 7 Leaves, Tastea, TP Tea, Tealyfe, and Boba Bar.

Mark only had to order takeout a few times in the past 3 weeks. We saved a lot of money.

Here are some images of expensive houses around the neighborhood - taken during my walks.

Spring in Santa Clara County, CA

Since everyone was into baking and cooking during quarantine, I also made Vietnamese yogurt, banana bread, and Vietnamese sour fish soup (canh chua).

Avocado picking time

We picked avocado again. These are bacon avocados, I believe. Mark said he hasn't seen me so happy since the bicycle incident. Apparently, I couldn't stop smiling the whole day. I told him that I will give him $10 for each avocado he could spot. He said, "I only see leaves." He was happy that he spotted two! We managed to pick 21 avocados in total. The owners were impressed since they thought there were none left.

I found that avocado tastes amazing with chips. We finished our 2 lbs bag of chips in 1 week. Whoops.

Watercolor time! I finally picked up my watercolor brush and did a quick sketch.

First bicycle ride after the accident

Three weeks after the accident, I finally biked again! Not going to lie, it was scary making right turns again.

I thought he was working hard. It turned out he was busy playing games.

Week 11-14 Random Tidbits

1. Sometimes, I wore his oversized sandals. This happened when I needed to run to the house to use the bathroom.

2. Found a kind note during my walk.

3. My bandage kept falling off...

4. I cut my ripped pants after the accident. I now have a new pair of shorts - just in time for spring/summer weather.

5. I took a picture of my shirt and before I threw it away.

6. Mark found a new hobby - playing with his new pocket knife.

7. I got bored so I asked Mark to learn how to french braid my hair.

We're so grateful to be staying with co Loan's family in Los Gatos, CA. I feel like I'm living in a luxury hotel. It would be nice to be able to stay here until it is safe to head back to the east coast. I just hope they're not tired of having us. We're doing everything we can to not disrupt their routines. They cook for us and even do the dishes! It has been so nice not having to worry about cold weather, rainy days, water, shower, food, laundry, etc. I'm just happy to be able to stay here especially after the accident.

Next blog, I will share some tips how to take care of wounds.

Stay safe and healthy everyone!



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