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We Drove 2,000 Miles In 2 Weeks

Updated: May 21, 2020

It has been two weeks on the road and I cannot describe how thankful I am to be able to wake up in a different place every day. It is exciting and fun, but it also takes a lot of work and time to plan ahead. Is it worth it? Definitely yes, at least so far so good!

Map of Week 2

How long do you plan on living in your #tinyHome to travel across the country?

This is one of the questions we get asked frequently. I usually smile and laugh a little because if our trailer gets stolen, then we would be heading back home, which could be anytime. Hopefully, we could make it to the west coast and see the Grand Canyon at least! We want to keep our options open and go with the flow. Planning a week in advance is already a challenge. We hope to get better at planning as we get more accustomed to this lifestyle. We do, however, want to be back to Boston around mid-May at the latest to dog sit for our friend.

Week 2 Highlights

1. Savannah was beautiful. I often do my research before visiting a place, but this time it was a nice surprise. The historic quarter is full of beautiful, quaint homes lined with large oak trees and Spanish moss (actually not a type of moss). There are small patches of parks that are picturesque. We could see ourselves moving to Savannah.

2. We biked around New Orleans to celebrate my birthday!

3. I gave Mark his first haircut on the trip…in a park. I hope it’s legal. A few patrol officers passed by and did not say anything, so I think we are good!

4. I found monkey bars at Forsyth Park. If you know me, you'll know that I love monkey bars thanks to Boda Borg.

5. On Friday, we biked around Savannah after work. We lucked out because it was a beautiful day!

Week 2 - #tinyHome Lifestyle

1. Our #tinyHome could be gone at any moment. I never thought I’d be saying, “I hope my house is still there when I come home from work/dinner.” Every time we leave our #tinyHome, we worry that it may get stolen, towed, or ticketed... Whenever we come back from lunch, dinner, or the gym, we don’t say it to each other, but we’re always hoping that it’s still there. Sometimes, it feels like I win the lottery when I see it from a distance.

2. Before this trip, I did not have to worry about finding an outlet to charge my phone or laptop. Since we have a limited battery bank in the trailer, we often find ourselves looking for places to charge our devices. I never thought I would be charging my electric tooth brush at…Starbucks or Whole Foods. I know…you can go ahead and judge me. Every time we get a chance to charge our devices outside of our #tinyHome, we carry everything that needs to get charged with us, such as our laptops, phones, watches, battery pack, tooth brush, keyboard, etc. As part of our daily routine, we are responsible to plan ahead and make sure we wake up with a fully charged phone and laptop at the minimum. The nice part is that we are not paying for electricity!

3. Our #tinyHome is always a loner in the parking lot. It is not easy to park and maneuver the trailer. Backing up is not an option, at least for me. Don't worry though, our trailer has big brothers and sisters at rest stops...

Week 2 - Top Restaurants

1. Willie Mae's in New Orleans

The best fried chicken we’ve had so far! This has to be on your bucket list of restaurants to try. The fried chicken has crispy skin and juicy meat. Thanks to our friend, Leon, for recommending it. We waited an hour outside and it was so worth the wait. If we come back, we want to try the dark meat chicken.

2. Mrs. Wilkes in Savannah

A wonderful family-style dining experience where you can try various southern staples with other diners! We got to speak with other tourists waiting in line and while eating at the table. One couple that we met has been visiting this restaurant for 12 years! It is also located on the most beautiful road in the US. At least, you’ll be waiting on a scenic sidewalk. Make sure you are hungry when you visit because it is a lot of food!

3. Zunzi’s Café in Savannah

We had the Godfather, a sandwich filled with a mix of chicken, smoked sausage, boerewors, and topped with provolone and Zunzi's special sauces. It was delicious. Thanks to my cousin, Viet, for the recommendation.

Week 2 - Top Landscapes

I fell in love with Savannah. Here are my top three places to visit:

1. Forsyth Park

2. Historic District

3. Bonaventure Cemetery

Week 2 - Random Tidbits

1. The cheapest gas was $1.83/gal at Costco in Dallas, TX.

2. We chased a poor cat in the parking lot at Lowes.

3. A little boy approached our trailer and asked “Y’all selling food?” in New Orleans.

4. We kept our door ajar with a whistle and it works great!

5. I got bird poop on my camera in Savannah. Luckily it was on my camera and not my face.

We will be in Texas visiting family this week! We didn't get to fly our drone, but hopefully we'll have more time this coming week.

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