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Wedding & Engagement Photography
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I specialize in natural lighting, utilizing Mother Nature as an organic source of beauty in order to capture the essence of the moment. I enjoy getting to know my clients, ensuring that each photography session is memorable as well as meaningful for them.


It is my passion to encapsulate powerful imagery that reflects your journey, that tells your story - so that one day, you look back, and you’re right back there, in that moment, all over again. Like nothing had changed, no time has passed, a story well told.

The beauty about being an artist is that we all have a unique perspective on art, on creativity and on beauty. The same single moment can be interpreted in different ways, different angles, different perspectives. Art, therefore, and for the most part, is reflective of the artist as a person. Photography can be summed up in the form of imagery, depth, warmth and light. These elements layered with - love, skill, history, compassion, soul - turns artists from photographers into storytellers.


I am a storyteller. I love capturing moments that tell a story. I love getting to know people whose story that belongs to. I have been trained as an artist and a landscape architect. As such, attention to detail, for me, is paramount.

Capturing moments that tell a story

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